Let me introduce myself

As you might have read in the title and the domain name, my name is Andreas and I am working as a software developer. To share a bit about me, here are a few of my personal preferences:

Frontend or backend developer?

Yes! ☺

In the past, I had the opportunity to work on projects where I was involved in all layers of the stack. From the sizing of the servers up to the spacing of buttons. My ultimate goal would be to become a holistic developer, someone who is knowledgeable about all aspects of software development. Think BizDevSecOps+.

The platform I like to develop for mostly is the browser (of course some more than others). Although I can justifiably call myself a Rockstar developer the main languages I work in are Typescript and Java.

I am someone who is easy to get excited about the next cool thing in tech, but I am not blindly jumping on every hype train. We should always try to understand the core problem that needs to be solved, or if there even is a real problem, to begin with.

Sometimes seemingly minor tech decisions can have major implications on the products we build, which is why my favorite interview question is: “What do you consider when choosing a new library or dependency”.

Independent of the tools or the project I work on, I try to apply Robert C. Martin’s variation of the Boy Scout rule: “Always leave the code cleaner than you found it.”